08 июня / 2015

12th International Conference and Exhibition for Oil and Gas Resources Development of the Russian Arctic and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) Continental Shelf on 15-18 September 2015 in Saint-Petersburg

History of RAO/CIS Offshore dates back to 1993 when the Schtokman, Prirazlomny and Sakhalin projects have been launched.

Outstanding Russian scientists and Arctic researchers such as ArturChilingarov, Rem Vyakhirev, Viktor Orlov, Igor Gramberg, NikolayMalyshev, GrigoriySimakov were founders of the Conference and Exhibition. The initiative was supported by Norwegian, Finnish and American companies.

RAO/CIS Offshore obtains strong position among the world offshore oil and gas exhibitions and conferences. The event has gained international recognition and along with the largest relevant events in Aberdeen, Stavanger, Houston and Baku, RAO/CIS Offshore is considered to be the central industry event of Russian and international scale.

RAO/CIS Offshore Program Committee is headed by Academician Alexey E.Kontorovich, Chairman of Research Council of Russian Academy of Sciences for Geology, Oil and Gas Resources Development. Since the Conference and Exhibition were started Professor Dilizhan A. Mirzoev, Deputy Director of Gazprom Central Oil and Gas Appliances Design Bureau, is being the Chairman of RAO/CIS Offshore Executive Committee.

RAO/CIS Offshore is held on a biennial basis and brings together government officials, experts from Russian and foreign companies for discussion of the most important aspects of the Arctic and continental shelf offshore development. Over 6300 delegates and 1280 companies from 22 countries have taken part in RAO/CIS Offshore over the years of its existence.

It is no coincidence that Saint-Petersburg became the RAO/CIS Offshore venue. North-West is the main region involved in Arctic offshore development. About 7% of oil and gas resources, leading enterprises, research centers and designed bureaus are focused here. Also the largest Russian sea ports are located in the region.

RAO/CIS Offshore is supported by Government of Saint-Petersburg. In Official Letter to Alexei Kontorovich it is said: "In view of importance and high status of the events they are included to the Official List of Priority Exhibitions, holding with support and participation of Saint-Petersburg Government".

Most shelf projects initiated in the 1990s are already completed. The lights of Sakhalin self-contained platforms were switched on. Construction of the sea ice resistant platform Prirazlomnaya at the northern machine building enterprise in Severodvinsk is nearly completed. The development program for the Stockman gas condensate deposit is being formed using new technological basis. The first in Russian liquefied natural gas plant is built on the Sakhalin Island.

RAO/CIS Offshore offers you a lot of opportunities and facilities to demonstrate scientific knowledge, technological achievements and today we have patterns of effective international cooperation in Russian shelf development.

One of the most important benefits of RAO/CIS Offshore is the issue of the resolutions. The resolutions are elaborated on the basis of the delegates’ decisions on the issues of the offshore industry development. The Resolutions of RAO/CIS Offshore 2013 were forwarded to the government of the Russian Federation, ministries, governmental agencies, leading Russian and international fuel and energy companies.

Further information can be found on the Conference site: http://www.rao-offshore.com