17 декабря / 2014

The XIX Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) will be held in Saint-Petersburg, Russia on 18-20 June 2015

The Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) is a leading international economic and business forum held annually in Russia.

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum was established in 1997. Since 2006 SPIEF is held under the patronage of the President of the Russian Federation. The Organising Committee of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is chaired by the Minister for Economic Development of the Russian Federation, with input on the programme and activities coming from a community of major international and Russian business leaders. Over the past five years the Forum has transformed into a leading global business event, attracting over 5,000 Russian and international participants, representing government and business leaders from around the world, joined by leading voices from academia, the media, and civil society. More than 7,500 participants from 73 countries attended the Forum in 2014. SPIEF gathers the world’s leading decision makers to identify and deliberate the key challenges facing emerging markets and growth economies, Russia and the world, and engage communities to find common purpose and establish frameworks to forge solutions.

The XVII St. Petersburg International Economic Forum was held from June 20 to 22, 2013 – that year’s theme was “Finding Resolve to Build the New Global Economy”. 2013 was a record SPIEF year for the number of attendees – 7190 people attended, from 87 countries, out of which total there were 1245 media representatives. Another record statistic concerning SPIEF 2013 was the number of agreements signed – 102 deals amounting to a financial value of 9.6 trillion roubles (US$291 billion), which is approximately 30 times more than equivalent figure from the previous year’s forum.

The proceedings of the Forum were attended by the Federal Chancellor of Germany, Mrs Angela Merkel, and the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mr Mark Rutte. Since Russia held the rotating presidency of the G20 that year, a special Business 20 (B20) summit was held on June 20 at SPIEF 2013. The participants in this B20 summit brought concrete proposals to St. Petersburg with them – aimed at stimulating the global economy, creating jobs, and improving the world’s monetary and financial system. From June 18 to 20 SPIEF hosted a Y20 youth summit, and on June 22, 2013 there was a Russia–ASEAN Business Forum.

This year the Forum was held from 22 till 24 May 2014. Theme of SPIEF 2014: ‘Sustaining Confidence in a World Undergoing Transformation’. Forum in numbers: Withstanding the pressure from the US Administration, SPIEF 2014 brought together more than 7,500 participants, including 248 heads of major foreign companies and 445 heads of Russian companies.

Among those, the Forum guests included 40 CEOs of foreign companies and 24 CEOs of Russian companies on the Forbes and Fortune lists. The Forum was attended by 219 representatives of foreign delegations from 73 countries.

As part of SPIEF 2014, 175 agreements were signed with Russian and foreign companies, including 15 agreements on the implementation of investment projects in various spheres of the economy worth a total of RUB 401.4 billion.

Overall, in spite of the unprecedented pressure of the USA on American companies and European business, foreign business didn’t boycott the Forum. The number of participants in the Forum exceeded that of 2013. The key world regions were represented at the Forum: BRICS, USA, EU, Middle East, Japan, Australia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The SPIEF proved that despite the anti-Russian sanctions, European and American SME are not going to give up on Russian projects.

For further information on the SPIEF goals and activities visit the official SPIEF site http://forumspb.com/en/.