18 апреля / 2016

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov's opening remarks at the 14th meeting of the foreign ministers of Russia, India and China (RIC), Moscow, April 18, 2016

Ms Sushma Swaraj, Mr Wang Yi, friends,

We are happy to welcome you to the 14th meeting of the foreign ministers of the RIC countries. This is not a jubilee, but the number of events we have held shows that RIC is an effective mechanism, enjoying broad demand as a dialogue venue, while becoming a major factor in international politics.

We cannot think today that any one country or a group of countries have sufficient resources to deal with the key global issues. To draw the right conclusions in this situation, we should strive for consensus among the leading centres of power, attract as many countries and international organisations as possible and further develop flexible network structures. These are the underlying principles of our "troika", which is bound together by a desire to contribute to the development of a multipolar and more stable, fairer and safer system of international relations based on the supremacy of law, the equality of all members of the international community and respect for the principles and goals of the UN Charter. Growing trust, mutual understanding, friendship, cooperation and strategic partnership between Russia, India and China are having a powerful stabilising influence in the region and are stimulating multilateral processes aimed at creating a comprehensive, equal and indivisible security architecture.

Our "troika" has arrived at a common position, one calling for the consistent strengthening of multifaceted cooperation, especially as it concerns the need to respond to our common challenges and to strengthen our foreign policy coordination at leading international venues.

The agenda of our meetings is traditionally very intensive and implies not just conversations between good friends but also hard collective work aimed at attaining practical results.